Secret Finances: One in Five Czechs Hide Income From Partners

The financial dynamics within a household are often complex and private. A recent survey, the Czech Prosperity and Financial Health Index, reveals that over half of Czech couples consider household income as shared. However, interestingly, one in five Czechs hide some of their income from their partners. Not only that, but they also keep some expenditures undisclosed.

Men are more likely to conceal spending on electronics, while women are more secretive about clothing and shoe purchases. The survey also found that over 80% of Czechs living with a partner do not rely on a single shared account and maintain their own personal finances. About 15% of Czechs do not share information about their account balance with their partner; nearly the same percentage have an individual fund or account their partner is unaware of.

Keeping financial secrets does not end with undisclosed accounts and expenses. Almost 20% of both men and women have, at some point, concealed an extraordinary income from their partner. This behavior is more common among men who take loans more frequently without knowing their partners.

Such hidden expenditures can lead to severe problems in extreme cases, including debt collection proceedings. However, the majority of Czech couples manage and pay expenditures together, with daily purchases being mainly the responsibility of women, as per the survey.

A concluding note from the survey: a little over half of Czechs are satisfied with their financial situation, including income, savings, ability to repay loans, and preparedness for unexpected expenses. About a third are extraordinarily or rather dissatisfied, and the rest do not lean either way.