Secure Better Pensions in Just One Week

In a matter of days, a new pension amendment will come into effect, disadvantaging early retirees and slowing down the growth of future pensions. However, some individuals still have a window of opportunity to secure better pension conditions. They have just one week left until the end of the month.

The Crucial Decision Date

“It is always the date on which the pension is granted that matters, not when the Czech Social Security Administration issues the decision,” confirmed pension advisor Martin Kohoutek.

While early retirement is no longer financially beneficial for the majority, as it was last year, there are still certain cases where an advantage can be gained. It depends on the circumstances of each applicant.

Those affected should act swiftly, consult an expert, and register with the Social Security Administration. Alternatively, they may secure an additional six months for consideration, but they must contact the office by the end of next week to obtain the relevant form.

According to the Czech Social Security Administration, they have received over 86,000 applications for early retirement as of September 15 this year, exceeding the numbers from previous years.