Senior’s Quest for a Single Apricot Ends in Frustration at Albert Supermarket

A senior in Albert demanded ‘one apricot’ but was unsuccessful. František Prouza, an eighty-two-year-old resident of Vinohrady, shared his experience. He visited his local Albert supermarket to buy groceries, including bread, sliced salami, and cheese. Considering his financial situation, he craved apricots and wanted to purchase just one. Mr. Prouza, a former math teacher, knew that buying a whole basket of apricots was not feasible for him, so he requested a single apricot.

He approached the staff and asked them to bring him one apricot. Based on the size, he estimated it to be around one hundred grams, which would amount to ten percent of the price per kilogram. However, the staff member returned with a whole basket of apricots instead of just one.

Mr. Prouza clarified that he only wanted a single apricot, but the staff member apologized, saying they had no single available. Mr. Prouza suggested checking the stockroom for a single apricot and weighing it at the checkout based on the exact price list, but the staff member said it was impossible as the apricots were sold in pre-packaged baskets.

Unfortunately, Mr. Prouza was unable to obtain the single apricot he desired. The article also mentions the closure of nearby vegetable shops, making it difficult for Mr. Prouza to find alternative options.

We attempted to find loose apricots in the Albert supermarket but were unsuccessful. It is noted that apricots in the Czech market are mainly imported from Spain and Greece, with prices averaging around 120 Czech korun per kilogram. Online store Rohlík offers the most expensive option, selling “fresh, sweet apricots with soft and juicy flesh” for 220 Czech korun from the Pyrenees. The approximate price for one apricot is thirteen korun.