Severe Storms to Continue in Czech Republic Until Saturday

Meteorologists have warned the Czech Republic that severe storms, which are expected to sweep across the country in the afternoon and at night, will threaten the eastern regions until Saturday morning. This prediction comes with an updated and detailed warning, including the risk of heavy rainfall, hail, and strong winds.

In the afternoon, a cold front will approach from the west. Initially, the weather will be sunny, but as the afternoon and evening progress, cloud cover will gradually increase from the west, along with showers and storms.

The expected storms will occasionally be very severe and may be accompanied by hailstones, the size of which can exceed two centimetres. Torrential rains also pose a threat, during which up to 50 millimetres can fall. In the case of repeated storms, the totals can climb up to 70 millimetres, which can lead to flooding of smaller streams, where rapid water level rises will occur. Strong winds can also cause problems, reaching speeds of up to 90 kilometres per hour in gusts.

According to the Aladin model, rain is forecasted for Saturday night. Only strong storms are expected in the west of Bohemia, while very strong storms will threaten the rest of the territory. The warning will be in effect in the Czech regions and the Highlands until midnight and in Moravia and Silesia until 6:00 on Saturday.

In addition, meteorologists have noted that temperatures will rise above 31°C before the front arrives. This is a reminder of the importance of staying safe and prepared during such turbulent weather conditions.