Significant Impact on Traffic: Barrandov Bridge Repair Shuts Down Ramp


The Barrandov Bridge, an essential transport link in Prague, enters a new phase of reconstruction starting March 11, resulting in the ramp’s closure from Strakonická Street. The city’s deputy mayor, Zdeněk Hřib, warned that allowing the ramp to remain open during this period would complicate a complex traffic situation.

This year, the reconstruction will focus on the northern part of the bridge, going from Braník to Smíchov. Three lanes will be operational in both directions as in previous stages. The city has decided to combine the third and fourth phases of the challenging repair work of the 80s structure to finish the reconstruction by the end of the summer holidays. From next year onwards, no further road restrictions should occur.

Traffic engineer Michal Peterka of the Technical Administration of Roads highlighted the potential problems on Strakonická, especially during morning rush hours, when the demand exceeds capacity by around 25 percent. He advised drivers to monitor current traffic information and use navigation systems, even on familiar routes, to save time and reduce stress.

Alternative routes for the city center and Braník area in Prague 4 through a return ramp at the distillery, which proved helpful in previous stages, have been suggested. For more distant destinations from D4, the D0 motorway can be used to access the open Písnice exit towards Modřany.

The last stage of the reconstruction is expected to transition into the final phase sometime at the beginning of June. The exact plans are unknown, but re-marking usually occurs during night closures. Summer restrictions on roads will be similar. The merging of the two stages presents a significant challenge, with Hřib warning that the bridge’s closure will significantly impact Prague’s traffic even more than the previous two stages.

However, the deputy mayor remains optimistic, stating, “In the end, the procedure is correct. We will save one year, and the closures will be shortened.” The Barrandov Bridge, built in the early eighties, has never been repaired. It consists of two branches: the southern one, where cars travel from Smíchov to Braník, and the northern one, where cars travel in the opposite direction.