Significant Restrictions on Hospital Operations and Childcare in the Czech Republic

As the year draws to a close, the healthcare system in the Czech Republic is facing a significant challenge. Thousands of doctors are expected to stop working overtime starting this Friday, and without a resolution with the government, this situation is unlikely to improve.

As stated by the President of the Czech Medical Chamber, Milan Kubek, the action is not aimed at limiting the availability of care. The main goal is to make medicine and healthcare work attractive, ensuring sufficient doctors and nurses to provide care in December and in the years to come. Chamber representatives will discuss increasing doctors’ remuneration with Prime Minister Petr Fiala this Thursday. The chamber representatives still believe in a possible agreement despite the health minister’s stance.

However, the operation of hospitals will not change this December, as shifts are already planned until the end of the year. And without an agreement, according to the Vice President of the Chamber, Jan Přáda, the situation will not improve in January either.

It’s not just the postponement of non-acute procedures that is causing concern. Some hospitals are significantly reducing the operation of children’s departments and pediatrics, which could be a serious issue during the respiratory infection season. For example, most planned procedures have been canceled at the children’s surgery in FN Bulovka.

In addition to planned orthopedic and surgical procedures, the care of child patients is also significantly limited. If an agreement is not reached at the higher levels between the ministry, the chamber, and insurance companies, the operation in January is uncertain.

Thus, the end of the year brings a challenging period for the Czech healthcare system, with the potential for significant strain on healthcare workers and patients. As the government and healthcare representatives work towards a solution, people across the country are watching closely.