Six Fuel Stations Fined for Poor Quality Fuel

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (ČOI) has released another list of petrol stations offering substandard fuel at their pumps. In the last two months, six stations have been added to the list, with four of them located in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, as reported by

The highest fine among all six recently penalized petrol stations was imposed on the Votava station located at Tisovec-Dřeveš in the Pardubice Region. The original fine was set at 600,000 Czech koruna, but it was later reduced to half a million koruna by the ČOI. Two inspections were conducted at this pump, and both revealed issues.

“The sold diesel fuel did not meet the ČSN standard requirement for oxidation stability during laboratory analysis, as a value of 86 g/m3 exceeded the maximum value of 33 g/m3, taking into account the measurement uncertainty,” stated the ČOI.

The list of penalized petrol stations can be found on their website.

Diesel in Petrol, Petrol in Diesel

Among the four petrol stations in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, the highest fine was given to Omar Oil in Brandýs, Central Bohemia, amounting to 200,000 Czech koruna. Initially, the owner was fined half a million koruna, but the inspection eventually reduced it, even though the station sold inferior diesel and petrol.

The diesel fuel did not meet the flash point indicator and the end of distillation indicator. The coincidence of these defects indicates negligence in the transportation of fuels, where diesel was contaminated with petrol and vice versa.