Sky-High Skiing: Rising Costs Fail to Dampen Demand for Ski Trips

Despite a noticeable increase in the cost of ski trips compared to last year, the demand for ski trips abroad and ski passes remains high. This season, the interest has primarily gravitated toward the holidays and spring break periods, where an even more significant influx of eager skiers is expected due to scheduling overlaps.

A prominent trend this year is the rising interest in skiing in Turkey. According to Jan Bezděk, spokesperson for the travel agency Nev-Dama, “We expect a strong winter season, which is reflected in the current sales of ski trips. They are a third higher than they were at this time last year. The greatest interest is in the Italian and Austrian Alps, followed by France.”

Bezděk pointed out that, for instance, the spring break in Prague and Central Bohemia coincides with the holidays in several other European countries. This overlap causes a rapid decrease in available accommodations. Spring break will begin on February 5th.

The average price for a week-long ski trip has increased by about seven percent compared to last year. However, these increased prices have not deterred ski enthusiasts. A week’s stay in an apartment in Italy or France can be obtained from 5,000 crowns per person. For three-star hotels in Austria, with breakfast and a ski pass, prices rise to around 20,000 crowns per person, depending on the location.

Čedok spokesperson Kateřina Pavlíková also reported a third increase in the demand for ski trips. The agency has already sold 85 percent of its holiday offers. Most of their clients are heading to Austrian resorts. “However, this season, we have significantly changed our offer and added hotels in Italy, so reservations at this location are rising. Slovakia is also returning, and Switzerland is popular for week-long stays,” Pavlíková said.

Regardless of the rising costs, the allure of the slopes remains irresistible for most. The anticipation of the first week of spring break, when part of Prague and Brno will have time off, is already palpable. The upcoming ski season promises to be a bustling and exciting time, with enthusiasts willing to pay the price for the joy of carving their paths down the mountains.