Slow and Steady: Prague Water and Sewerage Encourages Nighttime Pool Filling

Prague Water and Sewerage (PVK) advises caution when filling backyard pools as the summer swimming season kicks off. The best approach is to fill them slowly and preferably during nighttime. PVK offers tanker services that will come directly to your designated location for added convenience.

The public water supply network is not primarily intended for pool filling. The high water flow velocity in the pipes can cause sediment release, leading to cloudy water. Additionally, there is a risk of pressure drop in the network, which may affect other water consumers, as stated by PVK spokesperson Tomáš Mrázek.

Water from tankers eliminates potential problems. Similar risks arise when filling pools from private wells, where unwanted substances or heavy metals can enter the pool. Mrázek recommended filling pools with water from tankers to avoid such issues.

CVMEM provides the tanker service, and they can be contacted at +420 601 394 730 or via email at They will bring a tanker with a capacity of 9 cubic meters (approximately 9,000 liters) directly to your pool.

Distance to the destination determines the cost. The cost of the delivery service depends on the distance to the destination. The rates are 2,000 CZK within a 10-kilometer radius, 2,600 CZK within a 20-kilometer radius, 3,200 CZK within a 30-kilometer radius, 3,800 CZK within a 40-kilometer radius, and 4,250 CZK within a 50-kilometer radius. Value-added tax (VAT) and an additional charge of 460 CZK for each commenced half-hour of waiting on-site should also be considered.

“Approximately 300 customers used this service last year, with many of them being repeat customers,” Mrázek commented when asked about its popularity.

Filling pools directly from the network is not ideal. Still, it poses no significant problems PVK spokesperson Mrázek does not recommend filling pools directly from the web. However, he mentioned that PVK had not encountered any critical issues. The company cannot determine the exact number of people using the public network for pool filling.

However, if someone decides to fill their pool from the network, it is advised to do it slowly and outside peak hours. At a reduced flow rate, nighttime filling, mainly between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., helps prevent pressure drops and sediment release. It is also recommended to fill the pool before the arrival of hot weather, preferably on weekdays.