Snowfall Covers Sněžka: A Winter Wonderland Awaits

Miloš Šálek

The regular winter, lightly below the freezing point and nearly a quarter-meter of snow cover, reigns over the highest Czech mountain, Sněžka, standing at 1,603 meters. A unique experience awaits tourists eager to explore the snow-covered landscapes and engage in winter activities.

The amount of snow allows tourists to build a snowman in places where nature protection regulations do not prohibit it. “Certainly, it would be possible; it’s not customary here. Occasionally, however, one appears,” said a meteorologist from the Polish summit observatory, with a chuckle.

This year, stainless steel posts with chains in places still with summer sheep fences, which withstood the wind, prevent visitors to the top of Sněžka from entering forbidden locations in winter. Conservationists have equipped the top with infrastructure that should keep tourists in places where they cannot cause severe, often irreversible, damage. Benches and other rest elements are there to deter visitors from crossing chain barriers.

The snow cover in the Krkonoše Mountains begins roughly from eight hundred meters above sea level. Mountain centers, where it rains more, remain without snow. Tourists are advised to think primarily about warm and waterproof gear during ridge tours, as the snow cover is soft and does not have a rigid base, making skiing a wet affair.

On November 15, tourists have no choice but to climb Sněžka on foot due to the regular technical shutdown of the cable car on weekdays. The cable car only runs on weekends and will start again exceptionally on the state holiday on November 17th.

The winter season is just beginning and promises many activities and breathtaking views. The snow-clad Sněžka is ready to welcome its visitors to its winter wonderland.