Snowfall in the Krušné Mountains

Český hydrometeorologický ústav

The Krušné Mountains experienced a significant drop in temperature accompanied by snowfall in the highest parts of the region. A cold front on Saturday brought chilly weather, and snowflakes covered the landscape on Sunday. A web camera operated by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute captured the beautiful snowfall on Klínovec. The temperature plummeted below freezing, creating a picturesque winter scene.

According to meteorologist and nature observer Rudolf Kovařík from Šindelová in Sokolov, there is already a three to four-centimeter layer of snow on the grassy areas of Boží Dar. Surprisingly, even the roads are covered with a consistent layer of snow. This is no slush; it is proper snow. Kovařík pointed out that the snowfall, although occurring in mid-October, is a normal phenomenon in the Krušné Mountains.

The snowfall is not necessarily the traditional light, fluffy snow. It can be in pellets or grains, making for an interesting mix. The weather forecast suggests that the snow will remain on Boží Dar until tomorrow, while Klínovec might see snow throughout Monday. As the skies clear, the temperature is expected to drop to minus two to zero degrees Celsius in the morning, and in the mountain valleys, it may even reach minus eight degrees Celsius.

In addition to the Krušné Mountains, there has also been snowfall in other mountainous areas. Visitors to Sněžka witnessed snowfall last weekend. This snowfall contrasts with the unusually high temperatures recorded at the end of the working week, with some stations reaching above 25 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists are predicting cold mornings in the coming days and have issued warnings about frost that could damage vegetation.