Solar Power Becomes More Affordable in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the availability of photovoltaic power plants for households has never been better. According to pwXchange, the wholesale price of solar panels has halved since December 2022. Those who install a typical rooftop power plant can now save up to a hundred thousand crowns compared to the previous year.

The prices of photovoltaic power plants for constructing family homes in the Czech Republic have been at an all-time low in recent weeks. For example, Lukáš Papež from Woltair, a company that provides photovoltaics and heat pumps, cited installing a rooftop photovoltaic system with a ten-kilowatt output with batteries. The price difference compared to the peak at the end of 2022 is almost a fifth, precisely one hundred thousand crowns.

Currently, such a power plant costs approximately 400,000 CZK. The state continues to provide subsidies, which may cover up to half of the amount. The mentioned output quickly covers the usual consumption in the house during summer. However, in winter, photovoltaics alone are insufficient for heating and other needs.

The current price of panels is around 0.11 euros per one watt of output. However, it is possible that their production in Asia will slow down this year, and the price could rise to 0.13 euros. Jan Krčmář, the executive director of the Solar Association, warned that for a 450-watt panel, this would mean wholesale price costs around 1120 crowns, with VAT of about 1360 CZK. Ordinary consumers cannot reach these prices.

Despite these warnings, Columbus Energy still plans to discount installations. The reason is a change in the product range. Given that households typically involve installations costing hundreds of thousands, the reduction will be reflected in the total sum by units of thousands of crowns. Interest in photovoltaics among households and companies has skyrocketed due to increased electricity prices after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.