Soldiers and Police Officers Included: Impending Changes to Pensions

The changes will also affect the pension systems of the defense, interior, and justice ministries. About 49,100 former and female members receive an old-age pension from these systems. Their average pension is approximately CZK 2,800 to CZK 4,400, higher than other employees. This is due to higher contributions from higher earnings.

Soldiers, police officers, firefighters, and prison service officers will receive a pension like any other work if they reach retirement age and have paid at least 35 years of pension insurance. Their pension amount will be determined by the number of years worked, contributions from their earnings, and the number of children they have. Early retirement with a reduced amount is also possible.

“The same pension insurance law applies to all citizens of the Czech Republic, including former soldiers,” said Ministry of Defense spokesperson Simona Cigánková.

The Ministry of Labor plans to submit a draft amendment soon, which will tighten the rules for early retirement and ease the regular increase in pensions. A temporary benefit could replace an extraordinary revaluation during inflation. The adjustment of the rise will affect higher pensions. It will be more advantageous for low pensions.

Due to high spending and debt, the government has pushed for lower extraordinary additions for this year’s June. The average old-age pension from the Czech Social Security Administration was CZK 19,438. In June, it will increase by CZK 760 due to inflation instead of the original CZK 1,770.

The average old-age pension for soldiers was CZK 23,853. According to ČTK’s calculation, it should increase by about CZK 860 instead of the original CZK 2,280. The average old-age pension for the Ministry of the Interior was CZK 22,315, and for the prison service, CZK 22,235. In June, they should increase by about CZK 820 instead of the original CZK 2,100.

The Ministry of Defense paid 22,060 pensions in March, of which 18,517 were old-age pensions. In January last year, the average old-age pension was CZK 20,730; in December, it was CZK 23,017. It is now over CZK 800 higher.

This year, for the first quarter, the Ministry of Defense spent CZK 1.41 billion on old-age, disability, and survivor pensions. Of this amount, CZK 1.33 billion went to old-age pensions. Last year’s expenses totaled CZK 4.88 billion. This year, the approved budget for pensions is CZK 5.74 billion.