Spectacular Northern Lights Captivate the Czech Republic

In an awe-inspiring celestial display, the northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, were visible in some parts of the Czech Republic this Sunday. The stunning phenomenon was anticipated by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) despite the generally overcast conditions. For the best viewing, a clear view of the northern horizon and a dark sky were essential.

Northern lights are among the most beautiful natural spectacles in the sky. While they are relatively common in the polar regions, their appearance in lower geographical latitudes is rare. This extraordinary event was caused by material from a solar eruption reaching Earth, disrupting the Earth’s geomagnetic field and sparking hopes of spotting the northern lights after dark.

The weather, however, was not entirely cooperative. Overcast conditions prevailed over most of the territory, with clearer skies expected in the south of the Czech Republic, the Highlands, and southern Moravia. Still, many people managed to capture the breathtaking sight, with clear images of the northern lights shared from Říčany, Ostrava, and the Highlands.

In a survey, 19.1% of respondents confirmed they had seen the northern lights, while 5.3% reported a faint sighting. The majority, 75.6%, did not get to witness this spectacle.

The northern lights were also visible in neighboring Slovakia and Hungary, as webcam footage shows. In the Slovakian village of Rybany, residents could observe a pink glow. Experts suggest that the best place to watch the northern lights is from a location with an open horizon to the north, preferably in the mountains or other areas with a dark sky.

The Czech Republic already experienced this celestial spectacle earlier this year, with vivid and easily visible northern lights in February and April. At that time, the lights displayed not only the usual red and green but also shades of pink and reached their zenith. Despite some views being obstructed by clouds, the Czech Astronomical Society celebrated this unusual heavenly spectacle.