Spring Break in Czech Mountains: A Cheaper Alternative to Abroad

The spring break in the Czech Mountains, beginning on February 5 and ending on March 17, is expected to be significantly cheaper than holidaying abroad. This claim is backed by recent Association of Mountain Resorts in the Czech Republic (AHS) analyses.

The ongoing winter season has seen a rise in prices at Alpine resorts, but prices in the Czech mountains remain the same as last year. “While in the Alps, ski passes have increased by 5 to 10 percent year-on-year, two-thirds of domestic ski resorts have kept last year’s ski pass prices,” says AHS director Libor Knot.

Most Czech ski resorts work with so-called floating ski pass prices, which depend on supply and demand in individual seasons. “Skiers are taking full advantage of the trend of floating ski pass prices and advantageous online shopping. Buying from home saves time and money and can save up to 30 percent of the price,” calculates Knot.

Differences in the prices of domestic and foreign ski passes have manifested in the interest of Czech skiers in foreign winter holidays. A Czech Entrepreneurial Insurance Company survey from the end of last year states that skiing abroad this year will be used by fourteen percent of Czechs, while last year it was almost twice as much. Ten percent of respondents reported that they used to ski abroad, but this year, it’s too expensive for them.

Czech mountains promise decent skiing conditions for this year’s spring break, practically from the Ore Mountains and the Giant Mountains, with the highest concentration of ski resorts in the republic, through the Bohemian Forest to the Beskydy Mountains. There are 360 ski lifts and slopes over three hundred kilometers of slopes. “Thanks to the strong frosts, it was possible to supplement the slopes with a sufficient layer of technical snow. Then snowfall came, which added over half a meter of natural snow in many places. Weather forecasts for February are favorable, so excellent conditions for visiting the Czech mountains can be expected,” Knot claims.