Streamlining Social Benefits through Employer Participation

In a move to streamline the process of applying for social benefits, the Czech government has taken a significant step. Those using for help, such as housing assistance or child allowances, will now find it easier to provide information regarding their earnings or energy payments, as this information will now be directly delivered to officials by employers with their consent.

“The process is quite simple,” said Kateřina Beránková, a representative from the employment office. “The applicant can provide income verification themselves, as before. However, they can now also consent to the employment office obtaining the income directly from their employer.”

In the second scenario, the applicant must provide their employer’s identification number or possibly the employers of other household members. “Subsequently, we will ask the employers to confirm the incomes,” added Beránková.

This opportunity has been in place since the summer, but until now, it was unclear how and in what format companies would provide the necessary data to officials. Two announcements are being prepared for this purpose.

The employment office will send a request for information to employers in a PDF file via a data box. They will then be able to respond by filling out a form on the Ministry of Labor portal, sending it to the designated data box, or through a direct call.

A similar obligation will be expected of energy suppliers from next year. They will send information about the amount of payments for electricity and gas, or underpayments and overpayments, via a data box. “This will positively affect families. It will contribute to reducing their administrative burden,” the Ministry stated.