Strike Halts Train Services Between Prague and Berlin

A strike by German locomotive drivers is set to restrict train services between the Czech Republic and Germany significantly. Deutsche Bahn, the German transport provider, announced that no trains will depart from Berlin to Prague on Thursday, and trains in the opposite direction will end their journey in Dresden. The strike is scheduled to begin on Wednesday at 10:00 PM and is expected to last until 6:00 PM on Thursday.

The Czech Railways have warned that the EC 458 train, scheduled to head towards Zurich according to the timetable, will end its journey in Děčín. The same applies to a portion of trains running to Berlin. Other trains are expected to finish in the Dresden above.

However, the strike should not affect connections from Prague through Plzen to Munich, just like some regional cross-border connections. Problems with connections could also affect the dispatch of train sets on Friday, November 17.

Czech Railways has also informed that tickets for transit through Germany for November 15 and 16 can be used anytime from November 15 to 23. Their tie to a specific train has also been canceled.

Deutsche Bahn has criticized the decision to strike, which came shortly before another planned negotiation. Martin Seiler, the HR Director of DB, called the decision absurd. The German locomotive drivers are demanding higher wages. Transport providers recommend keeping an eye on the current situation on their website.