Strong Storms Ravage Moravia

On Wednesday evening and through the night, intense storms hit the southeastern half of the Czech Republic, with some areas in Moravia experiencing particularly severe weather. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) warned about the storms, accompanied by lightning, hail, and heavy rain.

The storms hit Several regions in Moravia, including Prostějov and Olomouc. In the village of Dzbel, floodwaters from nearby fields spilled onto the streets and into several cellars. Six firefighting units were called to the scene to help.

The storms were caused by a wavy cold front moving over the country from the west. Meteorologists warned of very strong thunderstorms, with some areas experiencing hailstones over two centimeters, winds gusting over 20 m/s (70 km/h), and heavy rainfall. While the storms were centered in the southeastern half of the country, they affected other areas, including Znojmo, Břeclav, and Boskovice.

While the stormy weather may have caused some damage, it also provided relief from the recent heatwave, which broke several temperature records in the country. The cold front is expected to bring cooler temperatures, though the storms are set to continue through Thursday.

The stormy weather serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping track of weather warnings and being prepared for emergencies. It is crucial to stay informed about weather conditions, especially during severe weather events like this one.