Students will debate the future of the EU at the ČTK Academy


University students will debate current issues and the future direction of the European Union with experts in European affairs, diplomats, members of the European Parliament, and journalists at the ČTK Academy on Thursday. The ČTK Academy has thus joined the project conference on the future of Europe. A series of four debates aim to introduce young people to as many topics and personalities as possible that are currently moving the European region.

The debates are part of a grant awarded to CTK Protext by the European Parliament. The first one will take place on December 17 at 10:00 and will focus on migration, a topical issue, especially given the events on the Polish-Belarusian border.

At the ČTK Academy, will be joined by Aleš Chmelař, Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs, and online by MEP Tomáš Zdechovský. Journalist Tereza Šupová, whose book Belarus on the Road to Freedom was recently published, will share her experiences. Students of journalism from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University and future economists from the University of Economics will join the debate.

Before the project’s launch, the ČTK Academy surveyed students to find out what topics they were interested in. The issues that most appeals to young people are the environment and climate change, followed by education, culture, and sport. The hybrid form of the event will also allow students to join in virtually here.

The discussion events are part of the Future of Europe Conference project and are funded by an EU grant. The debates follow the themes discussed by the four panels of EU citizens at the conference. They are:

  • Stronger economy, social justice, and employment / youth, sport, culture, and education / digital transformation
  • Rights, the rule of law, and security are all aspects of European democracy and values
  • Climate change, the environment, and health
  • The European Union in the World/Migration