Summer Returns Briefly, Bracing for Storms

The summer heat in the Czech Republic is set for a brief return this week following low temperatures. Meteorologist Dagmar Honsová reports that the highest temperatures will be recorded on Tuesday, reaching up to 27°C. The warm air streaming from the south in the first half of the week will also carry dust particles from the Sahara.

This warm influx from the south will result in diminished cloud cover. However, due to the Sahara dust, high clouds may form, though no precipitation is expected. This unique weather pattern will be characteristic of the first half of the week.

A low-pressure area will influence the weather starting Thursday, leading to an increase in clouds and precipitation. From Friday, we should expect storms as individual frontal systems pass over the Czech Republic.

On Monday morning, temperatures will range from 10 to 14°C, with daily temperatures climbing between 21 and 25°C. The skies will be partly cloudy to almost clear. In Southern Moravia, windy conditions are anticipated.

On Tuesday, daytime temperatures will soar to 27°C. Cloud coverage will be minimal, but stronger winds are expected daily, with 55 to 70 km/h gusts. Similar wind conditions are predicted for Wednesday, with daily temperatures ranging from 22 to 26°C.

Thursday may be partly cloudy to overcast with isolated showers and storms. Daily temperatures will drop slightly to 20 to 24°C. Wind gusts will continue around 55 km/h. Expect partly cloudy to overcast skies, occasional showers, and storms for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Morning temperatures will be 14 to 10°C and daily temperatures will be 18 to 22°C.