Survey Reveals: Over Half of Czech Households Await Discount Events for Grocery Shopping

A recent survey conducted by KRUK, a company that manages the receivables of financial institutions and corporate customers, reveals that more than half of Czech households wait for discount events to do their grocery shopping. Around a quarter of them buy only essential foods. The study took place in October and involved more than a thousand respondents.

Around 38% of households spend between 5000 and 10,000 Korunas on groceries monthly, while nearly a third make do with a budget of 3000 to 5000 Korunas. More than 10,000 Korunas are spent by 19% of families. Interestingly, the amount spent on monthly groceries does not significantly differ between men and women.

Among people working in the financial and insurance services and healthcare, grocery expenses are the highest, with about 41% of the respondents from these professions stating a monthly expenditure of over 10,000 Korunas.

KRUK’s CEO, Jaroslava Palendalová, commented on the survey findings, stating that grocery spending tends to increase rapidly with the level of education. This may be linked not only to higher income but also to a greater focus on quality nutrition. She also mentioned that a quarter of the survey respondents started buying only essential foods, and 16% of households were forced by rising prices to purchase lower-quality foods than before.

Compared to the previous year’s survey, there has been an improvement among Czech households that can only afford essential groceries. Their number has decreased from 28% last year to 24% this year. Over a fifth of the respondents do not have to limit themselves and buy according to need.

In conclusion, the survey provides a fascinating insight into the shopping habits of Czech households, their expenditure on food, and the impact of education and profession on these parameters.