SZPI ordered Lidl to withdraw a batch of dried ham. It had less meat than claimed


The State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority (SZPI) has ordered the Lidl supermarket chain to withdraw an entire batch of Italian prosciutto Crudo brand Italiamo from the sale. It contained a quarter less meat than its packaging stated. SZPI was informed about it in a press release.

“The manufacturer stated on the food packaging, among other things, that 100 grams of ham were made from 194 grams of pork leg. However, laboratory analysis confirmed that 100 grams of ham were made from only 142.5 grams of meat. The claim on the food packaging is therefore misleading to consumers as to the actual proportion of meat,” said Pavel Kopřiva, spokesman for the inspectorate.

The non-compliant batch of packaged Italiamo Prosciutto Crudo ham with a best before July 27, 2022, FA2211809.

According to the SZPI, the weight of the meat is always stated in the raw state for dried meat products. Therefore, the indicated meat content for this commodity is always higher than the final product in the dried form.