Taxi Driver Causes Commotion by Driving onto Railway Tracks at Prague’s Main Train Station

Správa železnic, Novinky

A taxi driver caused a commotion that could have ended in tragedy on Thursday when he drove through a service crossing intended primarily for electric utility vehicles and onto the railway tracks at Prague’s central train station.

The incident was reported by the Railway Administration on Twitter, stating that when the driver was alerted to the hazard he had caused, he was allegedly arrogant. The reason for his dangerous journey is not apparent. It is uncertain whether he intended to take someone directly to a specific train, as the sidewalk does not lead anywhere beyond the platform.

The service crossing connects all platforms on the north side and is used by train crews and staff. It is not dimensioned for vehicle passage.

In the past, the public often used it to shorten the route from Žižkov. As a result, police officers occasionally patrolled the area, issuing fines or reprimands to undisciplined individuals.