TCP to Manage Three Prague Swimming Pools

Starting July 1st, 2023, the Trade Centre Praha (TCP) will manage three Prague swimming pools: the Šutka Aquatic Centre and the Strahov and Hloubětín swimming pools. The city decided because the current operator was not interested in continuing the partnership. The city believes this move aligns with TCP’s long-term goal of becoming a significant manager of Prague’s sports infrastructure.

TCP has experience managing the Strahov swimming pool, and the city hopes that its expertise will extend to the Šutka Aquatic Centre, which will expand further. TCP will take over operations from Montservis Praha, which managed the Hloubětín and Šutka facilities, including maintenance, sales, cleaning, and security.

According to Adam Zábranský, Pirate Party Councilor for Property, Legislation, and Transparency, “Sport is an essential part of our lives, and it is my priority to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate. From the beginning of my work, I have actively promoted and supported sports and sports facilities. Prague has a shortage of swimming pools, especially outdoor ones. Therefore, we must move forward in this matter, and I believe that TCP will be a beneficial helping hand in this regard.”

The pool facilities in Prague are in high demand, and TCP’s takeover will undoubtedly help meet the population’s needs. The Aquapark Šutka, for example, is a popular attraction that offers many activities, including three pools, two interactive toboggans, three slides, a wild river, a children’s paddling pool, a whirlpool, and a sauna. Visitors can also enjoy a terrace with panoramic city views during the summer. A one-hour visit to the aquapark costs 180 CZK for adults, while a full day costs 470 CZK. Children under 15 pay 115 CZK per hour and 300 CZK for the whole day.

The Hloubětín swimming pool is the first in Prague to offer salty water. It has two indoor pools and one outdoor pool. The fee for a one-hour adult visit is 130 CZK; for 90 minutes, it is 170 CZK. Children under 15 pay 110 CZK per hour or 150 CZK for 90 minutes.

The smallest of the three facilities is the swimming pool in Strahov, which has only one indoor pool. The fee for a one-hour visit is 90 CZK for adults and 45 CZK for children under 15.

Antonín Klecanda, STAN Councilor for Education, Sports, and Leisure, said, “My long-term goal is to develop sports in Prague, and I believe that by coordinating, we can build a sports facility worthy of European dimensions.”

TCP will receive 17,222,000 CZK per year for the Hloubětín facility, 37,324,567 CZK for the Šutka Aquatic Centre, and 6,921,014 CZK for the Strahov swimming pool. However, the operating costs are higher in all cases.

The city hopes that TCP’s management experience will help improve and expand these swimming facilities to benefit all Prague residents and visitors.