Temporary workers earn up to 200/hour

There is no shortage of temporary positions available during the holidays. On the contrary, there are hundreds of job opportunities all over the country. But there is a shortage of reliable temporary workers. Some employers are offering as much as 200 crowns an hour.

Those companies and merchants who want loyal temporary workers not only in the summer are usually unsatisfied with the previously quite usual 100 per hour.

Most people want more

This year, more than half of the young people aged between 15 and 27 will be going to work. But six out of ten are unsatisfied with the money they are offered.

Next to money, a friendly team and flexibility in shift planning are essential for young temporary workers.

They are most often interested in manual work (29%), various administrative positions (24%), or services and catering (34%).

In addition to earnings, they expect temporary work to give them an experience they can use in their next job (58.4 percent). A third of young people will use the money for travel.

The Jobs. cz portal shows that McDonald’s, Česká pošta, Tesco, Albert, Penny Market, Billa, and Teta drugstore chains have a stable hunger for temporary workers.

For many of these offers, however, the companies do not disclose how much money they are offering. McDonald’s states that it takes temporary workers from 15, but the Post Office requires older people with high school education.

For example, Datart in Liberec offers temporary workers over 18 CZK 120 per hour, while Rengl offers CZK 170 per hour for weekend poster printing in České Budějovice and even CZK 180 per hour in Frýdek-Místek.

SC&C is looking for people over the age of 18 for public opinion research in Ústí nad Labem and České Budějovice.

The working tool is a phone or a tablet in which a questionnaire is filled in with the respondents. The company pays CZK 150 per completed questionnaire. If the temporary worker already has a respondent, it takes a quarter of an hour to complete.

This start-up company from Liberec, under the slogan “looking for a pawl,” is looking for temporary workers who will take care of a dog or cat in their home and take care of their essential needs. It offers an hourly fee of CZK 100 to 300 “depending on experience.”