The damage of Prague’s metro by a group of spray-painters resulted in a fight with passengers.

On Sunday evening, about a dozen spray-painters attacked a Prague metro train. At the Rajská zahrada station, masked men sprayed green and black paint on the train windows. Several passengers confronted them, and several fights occurred. Police are investigating the case.

Source of the video: Jan Pospíšil / Seznam Zprávy

The organized group initially blocked the metro train from departing.  Then, one by one, they took out spray cans, positioned themselves along the train’s length, and began spraying. Passengers repeatedly exited the metro and attempted to stop the sprayers by pushing them and fighting with them.

“Several patrols have been sent to the scene, but the suspects have yet to be identified.  We are currently looking for the suspects and analyzing CCTV video, “Violeta Siřišťová, a Prague police spokeswoman, commented.