The Disappearance of Traditional Kebabs in Prague

The traditional kebab, a popular fast food in Prague, is slowly disappearing from the city streets. The reasons for this are several. One of the main reasons is the increase in rent prices, which have risen sharply in recent years. Many kebab shops, often located in prime locations, can no longer afford to pay the high rents and are forced to close.

Another reason is the changing tastes of customers. Many people are now looking for healthier and more diverse fast food options, and kebabs, often perceived as unhealthy, are losing their appeal. In addition, there is increasing competition from other fast-food chains that offer a wider variety of options.

Despite these challenges, some kebab shops are still managing to survive. One of the most popular ones is Döner Kebab, which has operated since 1996. The shop owner, Mustafa Aydogdu, says that the key to his success is offering high-quality food at reasonable prices. He also believes that the traditional kebab will always have a place in the hearts of many Czechs.

Another kebab shop that is still thriving is Gyros Kebab, which has been in business since 1993. The owner, Kostas Livanos, says that the key to his success is offering various options, including Greek and Turkish specialties, and catering to the changing tastes of his customers. He also believes that the traditional kebab will never completely disappear from the streets of Prague.

Despite the challenges facing the kebab industry in Prague, many people still have fond memories of their favorite kebab shops. For many, the traditional kebab will be a beloved part of the city’s culinary scene. However, with the changing tastes and rising rents, it remains to be seen how much longer the era of the kebab will last in Prague.