The end of certificates: no restrictions for unvaccinated people

From February 9, it will no longer be necessary to have a certificate of vaccination or coronavirus infection to enter restaurants, services, or cultural and sporting events. This was announced by the head of the cabinet, Petr Fiala (ODS), on Wednesday evening after the Chamber of Deputies meeting.

Fiala said the government did not decide under the Supreme Administrative Court’s decision pressure. “It has only accelerated our decision by a few days, ” he added.

In addition, Prime Minister Petr Fiala also said at a briefing after the House meeting that he would propose lifting the pandemic alert at the February parliamentary session. The exact date is yet to be determined.

For the time being, the government plans to maintain the obligation to wear respirators indoors. A limit on the number of participants at mass events will also remain. Even after the measure is relaxed, the government does not expect to increase pressure on hospitals or reduce the availability of services.

The cabinet had earlier on Wednesday announced that the testing would end in schools and companies on February 18.