The End Of Face Masks And The Return of Packed Stadiums. England Announces “Freedom Day”

Speech Boris Johnson PM making announcement to place UK in lockdown to halt Coronavirus "From this evening I give the British people the simple instruction, You must stay at home" (BBC News 10pm Bulletin - 23/03/2020 - AEXZ288W)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday that almost all existing government measures against the spread of coronavirus will cease in England as of July 19. All services and restaurants will open, restrictions on the capacity of cultural events and the obligation to wear face masks will cease. The government plans to give final confirmation of this relaxation on 12 July.

All remaining closed businesses will be allowed to open.
Maximum capacity restrictions on large events such as sports matches and concerts will cease to apply.
The blanket obligation to wear a face mask will cease to apply.
The obligation to work from home will cease to apply.
There will be no restrictions on visiting nursing homes.