The End of Sunny Weather in Sight

As reported by Jaroslav Soukup, the sunny weather that Czechs have been enjoying is drawing to a close. However, the temperatures will only rise slowly. By the end of this week, afternoon temperatures are expected to hover around zero, with models showing further gradual warming into the following week.

This turn in the weather is due to a high-pressure system that has afforded up to seven hours of sunshine and is starting to weaken. Meteorologist Dagmar Honsová explains that the weather will be influenced by a weak cold front from the northeast by Thursday, later in the day. After that, we will fall under the influence of low-pressure systems.

There will initially be clear skies on Thursday, but cloud cover will increase from the northeast throughout the day, leading to overcast skies with light snowfall. Temperatures will range from -4 to 1 degree Celsius.

By Friday, overcast skies should prevail, with occasional snow showers. Morning temperatures will drop to -4 and -8 degrees Celsius, with daytime temperatures rising to between -3 and 1 degrees.

Cloudy weather with occasional showers will continue into Saturday. More cloud cover in the north, and snowfall will occur in places. Morning temperatures will drop between -3 and -7 degrees Celsius, and daytime temperatures will fluctuate between -2 and 2 degrees.

Looking ahead to next week, the overcast weather will continue into Monday. Snowfall will occur in the mountains, with occasional snow showers elsewhere. The lowest morning temperatures will drop between -1 and -5 degrees Celsius, with daytime temperatures expected to be from -1 to 3 degrees.

In conclusion, the sunny weather is set to end, but the resulting gradual warming holds promise for the following week.