The First Winter Weekend: Icy and Full of Snow

The start of the meteorological winter falls on Friday, December 1st, and the weather will match the season, with snowfall beginning during the day and continuing throughout Saturday. We can expect only occasional snow showers in the following days, but temperatures will drop and stay below freezing throughout the day, says meteorologist Dagmar Honsová.

“The weather will be under the influence of a low-pressure system, which will be replaced at the beginning of next week by a ridge of higher air pressure,” Honsová stated. According to her, the snowfall on Friday evening, the night to Saturday, and on Saturday will be “permanent and abundant.”

On Thursday, it will be mostly cloudy, and there will be an increase in cloudiness during the day, with occasional snow showers or snowfall. Temperatures during the day will range between -3 and 1 °C.

Friday should be mostly cloudy, with snowfall from the south adding during the day, and temporarily freezing rain. Morning lows will drop to -1 to -7 °C, and daytime temperatures will reach -2 to 2 °C.

It will be cloudy on Saturday, with snowfall occurring across the entire territory, which will be abundant in places. In the morning, temperatures will drop to -1 to -5 °C, and most of the day will be between -4 and 0 °C.

Sunday is expected to be cloudy, with snow showers only occurring in places. The lowest temperatures will drop in the morning to -6 to -10 °C, and during the day they will remain in the range of -5 to -1 °C.

The outlook from Monday to Wednesday currently promises partly cloudy to cloudy weather for all three days, accompanied by isolated snow showers and isolated fogs in the morning. Morning temperatures will drop to -6 to -10 °C, and during the day, temperatures should only range between -5 and -1 °C.