The Future of Renewable Energy: How Technology and Innovation are Driving Change

Starting next year, families with photovoltaic power plants at home or in their cottages can save thousands of crowns on electricity. The excess energy produced can be sent to be used at a different location without paying for it.

Families with a larger photovoltaic power plant on their cottage or farm can send the excess energy to their homes and save on electricity costs. It can also work the other way around, with energy sent from home to the cottage or farm.

This is made possible by a proposed amendment to the energy law, which is currently being discussed in the Government Legislative Council. The amendment also includes creating so-called energy communities comprising families, municipalities, authorities, companies, or individuals.

For example, a village could install a power plant in its local hall and send the energy to the village office or school. The recipient would only pay for the distribution based on the local distribution rate rather than the energy cost.

This could result in significant savings for families, especially those with larger photovoltaic power plants. For instance, a family that uses four kWh of energy per day could save up to 700 crowns per month or more than 8,000 crowns per year. However, the condition for this arrangement is the replacement of the electricity meter with a two-way meter that can measure the energy sent and received.