The Green Dilemma: Should You Borrow More Money for an Energy-Efficient Property?

A closer look at the financial implications of investing in energy-efficient homes in the Czech Republic.

As energy prices continue to soar, the prospect of purchasing an energy-efficient property becomes increasingly attractive. But what happens when a greener home comes with a steeper price tag? Is it worth borrowing more money to secure a more energy-conscious dwelling?

ISG, a leading real estate company specializing in properties for expats in the Czech Republic, has delved into this topic to help buyers make an informed decision. In a comprehensive video, Nicks explores the long-term financial implications of investing in energy-efficient properties, and whether the potential savings on energy bills truly outweigh the additional costs.

To assist you further, ISG has developed a calculator designed to compare the costs and benefits of different properties based on their energy efficiency. By inputting information about your prospective home, the calculator will estimate the potential savings on energy bills and help you determine if borrowing more money for an energy-efficient property is a financially sound choice. The calculator can be found here –

Check out the video, where Nick breaks down the numbers and provides valuable insights on whether a more energy-efficient property is worth the investment. With the information and tools provided by ISG, you can confidently make a decision that suits both your wallet and the environment.