The Renaissance of Button Mobile Phones

In a smartphone-dominated world, classic button models have not yet said their last word. Recently, they are experiencing a renaissance. Older people and younger individuals are buying them more and more often, using them as a digital detox when they want to take a break from social networks and the internet.

According to the analytical server Statista, the demand for ‘dumb’ phones has sharply declined for several years. Even though analysts predict it won’t be different in the coming years, this year’s sales have practically leveled with last year’s. Sales numbers can be expected to grow even before the end of the year.

The Nation server pointed out that last year in the USA, the demand for smartphones fell by 20% due to high inflation. This is reportedly one of the reasons why users are increasingly resorting to buying button models.

The growing interest in button mobiles is documented by the HMD Global company, which supplies Nokia brand devices to the market. According to company representatives, for example, the interest in flip button phones without an operating system doubled in 2022, and further growth is expected this year.

One of the main reasons the manufacturer introduces a new button model to the market practically every year is the Nokia 2660 Flip, which premiered in the summer. During the fall, it presented itself in new colors. This flip-button mobile is now available in pink and green.

The phone is an excellent alternative for users who want to take a break from modern technologies or appreciate a secondary phone with great endurance. It will also find its fans among the older generation, who enjoy large buttons and a spacious display.