The Rising Cost of Back-to-School Tech in the Czech Republic

As the start of the school year looms, many parents in the Czech Republic are faced with the daunting task of purchasing new tech for their children. According to data from the retailer Datart, sales of mobile phones and laptops have risen by around ten percent in the second half of the summer compared to July.

For younger children, parents tend to opt for basic models, with prices typically ranging from four to seven thousand Czech koruna. While some parents try to regulate their children’s screen time and hold off on buying a mobile phone, others may choose to purchase smartwatches instead, which carry a lower risk of loss.

For secondary and university students, laptops are the most common purchase, with prices ranging from ten to twenty thousand koruna. Datart expects a larger turnover in laptop sales next year, as the average lifespan of a laptop in this category is between three and four years.

However, the rising cost of back-to-school tech is a concern for many families. According to a survey by online supermarket Koší, most families fear they will exceed their budget this year. First-graders’ families typically set a limit of 3500 koruna, but 64 percent of them believe they will not be able to stay within that budget. For parents of second and third graders, the expected spending is around 2700 koruna, while parents of older students may spend up to 4300 koruna.

These amounts do not include the cost of other necessary items, such as electronics and study equipment. Moreover, the rising cost of school supplies is another concern, with backpacks, pencil cases, and writing supplies increasing in price by up to ten percent.

Despite the challenges, some families may be eligible for financial support. The Czech government offers assistance to families in need to purchase school supplies, with more information available on the government’s website.

As technology continues to play an important role in education, it has become an increasingly significant expense for families in the Czech Republic. As such, it is vital for parents to plan ahead and budget accordingly to ensure their children have the necessary tools for success in the classroom.