The weekend will bring calm and pleasant summer temperatures

The turbulent weather should calm down for the weekend. However, strong thunderstorms should still be expected on Friday. Next week should be dominated by partly cloudy weather, accompanied by rain in places and only sporadically by thunderstorms, meteorologist Dagmar Honsová said.

On Friday, the weather will be affected by another cold front, which may produce powerful thunderstorms. “Already in the morning in Bohemia, it will become cloudy, gradually cloudy, with rain, showers, and thunderstorms in places,” Honsová said.

In the east of the territory, it will be apparent to be partly cloudy, and clouds and precipitation will increase there later in the afternoon. “Beware, thunderstorms may be accompanied by torrential rain of around 50 millimeters, hail, and wind gusts of around 70 km/h,” the meteorologist added.

Temperatures during the day will vary a lot. It reaches 20 °C in the west and 35 °C in the east.

The weather will calm down over the weekend. On Saturday, the east will be cloudy at first, with isolated showers and clearing skies during the day. In the rest of the country, clear to partly cloudy skies will prevail with morning temperatures of 16 to 12 °C, with only around 8 °C in the west. Highs in the afternoon will range from 20 to 25 °C.

Sunday should be pleasant, partly cloudy to clear skies and morning temperatures ranging from 14 to 10 °C. Temperatures should reach 24 to 28 degrees during the day.