Thunderstorms Wreak Náchod in the Czech Republic

Severe thunderstorms swept through central and eastern Czech Republic on Monday night, causing heavy rain, gusty winds, and hail, particularly in the Náchod region. Powerful storms also hit Nový Bydžov, Jaroměř, and surrounding areas. Firefighters were called to remove fallen trees and pump water from flooded areas.

The first reports of storms came in around 1:30 AM on Monday. Hikers and drivers reported fallen trees blocking roads, and homeowners called for help as water entered their homes through clogged drains. Firefighters responded to 31 technical incidents related to the storm by 5:00 AM.

In total, firefighters removed fallen trees in 11 cases, pumped water from flooded areas in 12 cases, and cleared clogged drains in the rest. The Náchod region was hit the hardest, with 23 incidents, particularly in Náchod and Jaroměř. Eight incidents were reported in Nový Bydžov. Götzová warned that more incidents may be reported during the day as the full extent of the storm’s damage becomes apparent.

The storm caused flooding in several areas, including Pekelská and Na Skalce streets in Náchod and Plhovská Street under the viaduct. Water also entered the cellars of several apartment buildings on Nerudova Street. In Nový Bydžov, firefighters pumped water out of flooded basements and cleared clogged drains. In Jaroměř, water entered the dressing rooms of a theater, and firefighters pumped water out of another family home.

Meteorologists warned that the storm could bring up to two-centimeter hail and gusts of wind over 85 kilometers per hour, particularly in the country’s northeastern part. Thunderstorms also hit other parts of the country, such as the Olomouc region and the eastern part of the Pardubice region.