Tipping Delivery Drivers: A Matter of Crowns, Not Tens of Crowns

Tipping for food delivery has become the norm in today’s fast-paced world. The tip size often depends on the delivery location and the time of year. It is common to see tips in the range of crowns rather than tens of crowns, with the average tip amounting to thirteen crowns per order.

This data comes from an analysis conducted by logistics and technology startup Bevy.city. “Customers generally tip more generously around the middle of the month, likely due to the fresh payday earnings. Conversely, the end of the month tends to see lower tips. We observe a similar trend during Christmas when people are generally more generous,” says Bevy.city founder Ladislav Janckulík.

For comparison, a 2020 analysis by Qerko revealed that pub tipping varies by region, averaging fifteen to 27 crowns. The size of the tip is naturally dependent on the total bill.

Regarding delivery drivers, the tip size depends on the location, with the highest tips being given in large cities. In Prague, a delivery driver can earn more than thirteen crowns above per order on average, while in Brno or Pilsen, it’s around eleven crowns.

Delivery drivers can increase their earnings significantly through tips. “On average, they can earn an extra five hundred crowns per day,” added Janckulík. Various job portals that list courier jobs and provide an estimate for tips suggest that the daily tip earnings can range between 300 and 600 crowns.

However, customers’ willingness to tip couriers applies primarily to food delivery, be it grocery shopping or ready meals. Couriers delivering parcels only occasionally receive tips in small cash amounts as a thank you.