Torrential heat will linger, meteorologists warned

Heat will plague the Czech Republic until at least Friday. According to meteorologists, the mercury thermometers may jump up to 36 degrees on Thursday and Friday. There is also still a risk of fires due to the high temperatures.

The warning from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) is already in force, but it has been tightened since Thursday. Afternoon temperatures could reach up to 36 degrees in the next two days. They should peak on Friday afternoon.

A high-temperature warning is in force for almost the whole of Bohemia today, except for Vysočina and parts of the South Bohemian Region. Temperatures in most of this area will exceed 31 degrees and may climb to 34 degrees in places.

The warning is valid for the whole Czech Republic from Thursday morning until Friday evening. Temperatures will reach well above 31 degrees throughout the country and even higher.

“Temperatures above 34 degrees Celsius are expected on Thursday and Friday in the north-western to the western half of Bohemia, and on Friday in most of Bohemia and southern Moravia,” the Czech National Weather Service said. According to the institute’s forecast, temperatures may rise to 36 degrees.

Meteorologists warn of the risk of overheating and dehydration in connection with the high heat, and people should follow a drinking regime, consuming mainly soft and unsweetened drinks.

At the same time, like many recent times, for example, police officers, the ČHMÚ stressed that people should not leave children or animals locked in their cars parked in the sun. Even for a few minutes, the temperature in the vehicle can rise rapidly, even in such a short time.