Transferring Vehicle Ownership Goes Online

Starting mid-February, you can make the necessary changes in the vehicle registry without paperwork if you plan to buy or sell a car. The Ministry of Transport confirmed new online vehicle registry features would be available starting Monday, February 12.

This service will initially only be available for individuals. However, the Ministry is expanding the service to companies and enabling online power of attorney. The goal is to complete this expansion by the end of the year, said Ministry spokesperson František Jemelka.

Through the Transport Portal, where one logs in with, for instance, a banking identity, it will be possible to request a transfer of a car to another person, register a vehicle after purchase in the Czech Republic or import from abroad, or apply for another registration plate for a bike rack.

When applying electronically, the administrative fee will also be one-fifth lower. The office fee for vehicle registration or transfer is currently 800 crowns. The new service will also allow reporting, for example, the decommissioning of a car from operation or the loss, destruction, or theft of a vehicle registration plate.

In connection with the abolition of large technical certificates from the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Transport faced criticism because part of the data was missing in online databases. Those who came for an MOT check without a sizeable technical certificate could have problems and may have to repeat the check due to alternative wheel dimensions.

The MiMinistrydmitted that the eMinistryurred during manual transcription. The problem is being solved, and missing data is being added to the database by officials.

The vehicle register has been operating online for several years, but only for selected operations. Through the Transport Portal, people can apply for a driver’s license exchange and find out the status of their points account. There is also a sending of notifications about a change in the points account by email or SMS. This service has been running since the beginning of January.