Transformation Awaiting Smíchov Railway Station

Správa železnic

The Smíchov railway station in Prague is set to undergo a significant transformation, as the Railway Administration has selected the designers for its reconstruction. Sudop Praha and Sudop EU’s winning bid was 39.5 million CZK. Construction is scheduled to take place between 2026 and 2028.

The upcoming renovation will complement the ongoing modernization of the station’s tracks, which includes reconstructing all platforms and underpasses. According to Nora Eberl Friebová, spokesperson for the state organization, the project’s costs amount to 5.1 billion CZK and encompass track and platform repairs, underpass reconstruction and extension, and elevator installation.

The building has been in operation since 1956 and will see significant upgrades. It will feature three new above-ground floors and one underground floor, while the main hall will remain, with restorers taking care of its decoration. The ticket offices will be relocated, and a new four-story building will be constructed in place of the southern wing, housing commercial and gastronomic units and services.

This transformation is part of a broader revitalization of the entire area, which includes the construction of a new transport terminal at Smíchov, planned by the city for more than seven billion CZK. The terminal will be developed in several phases, starting with a parking house for 900 cars and 600 bicycles, followed by a bus platform with a roof covering the entire structure.

In the final stages, landscaping and improvements to Nádražní Street will be carried out, replacing asphalt with Prague mosaic and adding greenery. The station’s future will also see a platform above the tracks, connecting Smíchov and Radlice, currently separated by the rails.

Smíchov railway station is the third busiest in Prague, after the main and Masaryk station. The entrance to the Smíchovské nádraží metro station on the newly constructed line B was added to the main hall in the mid-1980s.