Unemployment Rates in the Czech Republic Drop in June

The Czech Republic’s unemployment rate dropped from May to June, falling by one-tenth of a percentage point to 3.4%. According to data published by the Labor Office on Wednesday, there were 249,792 job seekers and 286,690 available positions.

Compared to May, the number of job seekers fell by 4,101 in June. However, there were 18,483 more people without work than in the previous year.

“We still have one of the lowest unemployment rates across the European Union, but we must not rest on our laurels,” said Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurečka.

There is a demand for skilled and unskilled labor in the Czech Republic. Seasonal jobs in construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing, animal and food production, tourism, and services are prevalent.

The highest unemployment rate in June was found in the Ústí nad Labem Region at 5.3%, while the lowest was recorded in the South Bohemian Region at 2.4%.

The Labor Office’s data also revealed that more than 105,000 people from Ukraine were employed in the Czech Republic in June. These individuals have refugee status and temporary protection in the country.

With the Czech Republic’s unemployment rate continuing to trend downward, it’s clear that the country is making strides toward a more stable economy and a more prosperous future.