Unlimited Vacation: A New Trend in Czech Companies

There’s a fresh wind blowing in the Czech Republic’s business world. Companies have started offering unlimited vacation as part of their suite of benefits, aiming to attract and retain talented employees. This bold move goes hand in hand with flexible working hours and accommodating rules for remote work.

Take Seyfor, for instance, one of the largest European IT solutions providers. Since the year before last, they have been offering unlimited vacation in Czechia and Slovakia. According to the company’s leadership, this move has been a resounding success and is also a reason for the low employee turnover rate, which has been hovering around 1.3% monthly for the last year.

However, most employees do not misuse this benefit. As per Seyfor’s CEO Martin Cígler, employees in the Czech Republic took an average of 3.25 days off, i.e., 26 working hours beyond the standard five-week vacation, within this benefit.

This concept of unlimited vacation has proven to be a key factor in recruiting employees, especially for strategic positions. Candidates often inquire about it during the selection process. It has fulfilled our expectations – employees do not misuse it and perceive it as a valuable reserve of time off for unexpected situations,” Cígler explained.

Finally, it’s worth noting that this benefit is not only about employee satisfaction. It also helps prevent decreased productivity caused by overwork, allowing people to recharge. The result is higher employee satisfaction, greater motivation and inspiration when solving projects, and, ultimately, greater satisfaction across the entire company.