Vector Technická Brings Culture and Education to Dejvice’s Technická Street

Technická Street in Dejvice will again become the center of culture and education this year. Starting on April 18, cultural events, lectures, and workshops will take place under the open sky until the end of the summer. The Vector Technická project will create a lively urban space for various cultural and educational activities with the help of furniture, cafes, and restaurants. The event’s goal is to connect city life with student life. The Prague 6 website has initiated the project.

The new season of Vector Technická will begin with a double concert by the band Dukla and singer Bariel on Tuesday, April 18. The event will be combined with the traditional Cross Campus race. This campus relay race is a classic sports event that tests the strengths of students and employees of all institutions in the Dejvice campus. The race is also open to the public, and the route measures approximately 1 kilometer, with teams of four competing. The first slot will start at 3:30 pm.

In addition to the race, the International Day festival will also be held, which aims to introduce the international community of the Dejvice campus as well as opportunities for foreign trips and internships for students. Food, games, music, and sports will complement this. The Technická Street program will include regular musical performances, exhibitions, and theater performances. Scientific popularization lectures, workshops as part of thematic days, or programs for children are also planned. This year’s novelty will be available roller dance lessons.

The Vector Technická project aims to make the Dejvice campus more attractive and to connect the natural, scientific, and social life in a fun and realistic way. The project is an excellent opportunity to unite students and the public for cultural and educational events. Technická Street will become a place for relaxation, work, and entertainment for everyone. The project has received support from various institutions, including the Prague 6 website and the Cultural Center Klubovna.