Vegetable Farming in the Czech Republic No Longer Profitable, Warn Farmers

Vegetable farmers in the Czech Republic are warning that the country’s vegetable farming industry is in crisis, as low prices and rising costs are making it increasingly unprofitable. Many farmers are now considering leaving the industry altogether.

“Vegetable farming has become a losing business in the Czech Republic,” said Václav Horčička, the Union of Vegetable Producers chairman. “Prices are meager, and costs are rising. It’s just not profitable anymore.”

According to the union, the price of vegetables in the Czech Republic has been steadily declining in recent years while the cost of production has been rising. Many farmers are struggling to make ends meet, and some are even selling their farms and switching to other types of agriculture.

“Vegetable farming used to be a good business, but now it’s just not worth it,” said Jan Novák, a vegetable farmer in the Vysočina region. “We’re barely making enough money to cover our costs, let alone make a profit.”

The situation has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a drop in demand for vegetables and disrupted supply chains. Many farmers have been forced to sell their produce at a loss, while others have been unable to sell their crops.

“We’ve had to throw away a lot of our products because we couldn’t find buyers,” said Petra Nováková, a vegetable farmer in the Pardubice region. “It’s a terrible waste, and it’s also very discouraging for us as farmers.”

The Union of Vegetable Producers is calling on the Czech government to provide more support for the industry, including subsidies for farmers and measures to promote locally grown produce.

“We need help from the government if we’re going to survive,” said Horčička. “Otherwise, the vegetable farming industry in the Czech Republic will disappear.”

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