Veterinarians Order Recall of 11 Tons of Chicken Breasts from Shelves Due to Salmonella

The State Veterinary Administration (SVS) has ordered the withdrawal of over 11 tons of Brazilian chicken from the market due to salmonella contamination. The affected products include frozen chicken breasts and chicken breast schnitzels, each packaged in two-kilogram quantities. These batches were mainly destined for catering facilities and the Makro wholesale network. SVS spokesperson Petr Vorlíček confirmed this action.

Article The veterinary administration collected a sample of chicken breasts containing the bacteria at the SOFIL company warehouse in Prague 6.

“The primary importer to the Czech Republic and one of the major meat distributors was the company MADE, supplied by a trading company based in the Netherlands,” stated the veterinary administration, adding that the Makro chain also distributed a significant portion of the meat. Distributors are now contacting buyers to return the affected products. In total, over 10 tons of compromised meat are in question.

The veterinary administration collected another sample of defective products, chicken breast schnitzels, at the Polar Trading warehouse in Kostelec nad Černými lesy. It was noted that the batch containing salmonella was part of a larger consignment. According to SVS, the primary consumers of chicken meat from this company are restaurants and canteens. A total of 1.3 tons of this product have been seized.

Previous Inspections In September, the State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI) found salmonella in chicken meat from Olomouc’s Penny Market. The meat was from Ukraine and processed in Slovakia. From the same producer, WE Trade, SZPI also found salmonella in chicken meat at Tesco.

In July, SZPI alerted to two batches of chicken without giblets from Ukraine found in JIP stores in České Budějovice and Harrachov. These samples also tested positive for salmonella.