Wages of Senior Officials and Masseurs Rose the Most

In a recent report by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, it has been revealed that the salaries of executive officials and masseurs in the private sector have seen significant growth in the past year. Masers working outside the healthcare sector experienced the highest increase, with their salaries reaching 27,754 Czech koruna in the first half of this year. According to the Ministry’s data, this marks a 17.94% increase compared to the previous year.

Other professions that have seen a substantial salary increase include estimators and goods experts, whose wages have risen by 15.11% to 84,884 Czech koruna, and auditors in personal transportation, with their earnings increasing by 15.10%.

Conversely, the average earnings of well-paid pilots in the private sector have experienced the most significant decline, with a decrease of 29,397 Czech koruna from 160,823 to 131,426 Kč.

A different picture emerges from the nominal growth or decline in average salaries. Executives in the energy sector have experienced the highest increase, with their salaries rising from 117,327 to 134,175 koruna, a difference of 16,848 koruna. They are followed by managerial employees in the insurance sector, whose earnings increased by 13,310 to 147,933 koruna. Pilots, on the other hand, continue to face challenges.

Job Market Trends in the Public and State Sector

Within the public and state sectors, the earnings of executive officials have primarily seen an increase. The most significant growth was observed in personnel management, with a rise from 53,545 to 63,574 Czech koruna, marking an 18.73% increase.

Following closely behind were personnel directors, whose earnings increased from 96,504 to 112,209 Czech koruna, a growth of 16.27%. Secretariat heads of ministries and tax officials also experienced salary growth.

However, certain professions within these sectors have witnessed a decline in earnings. Excavation workers saw a decrease of over four percent to 27,976 koruna, while station nurses in the obstetrics field experienced a decrease of 1.77% to 66,155 Czech koruna.

Nominal wage growth was most notable among personnel directors, with an increase of 15,704 koruna. On the other hand, station nurses in maternity wards experienced a decrease of 1,193 koruna.

According to the Ministry’s material, the average gross monthly salary in the public sector reached 45,406 Czech koruna, representing a 5.3% increase. In the private sector, the average wage increased by 7.5%, reaching 45,136 Czech koruna.

Stagnating Unemployment Rates

In other news, the Ministry also released data on unemployment trends in September. At the end of the month, the employment office reported 263,020 unemployed individuals, an increase of 2,217 compared to August and 6,640 more than last year.

“The proportion of unemployed individuals remained unchanged, standing at 3.6% by the end of September,” stated Kateřina Beránková, a spokesperson for the employment office. Additionally, there were nearly 282,000 job vacancies available.

These recent developments highlight the evolving landscape of the job market in the Czech Republic, with certain professions experiencing significant salary growth while others face challenges. As the economy continues to evolve, monitoring these trends and their implications on the labor market will be crucial.