We are reaching the edge of a totalitarian regime’, says Chcipl pes

Michaela Říhová

The Chcípl pes initiative is planning another protest action against the pandemic law.

There will be petition tents in Prague’s Klárov district from Wednesday evening. They should remain there until Thursday, when senators vote on the amendment.

“We will continue to fight against the pandemic law this week. The amendment has reached the Senate, which will be discussed on Thursday. It will be up to the senators to live up to their mission, which is to safeguard democracy, ” Jakub Olbert, the initiative’s chairman, said on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, an action against the amendment will begin around 6 p.m. at Klárov. Convoys of cars should arrive at Klárov at around 20:00, departing from Karlovy Vary, České Budějovice, Ostrava, Liberec and Poděbrady. 

The Senate, where the current governing coalition has a majority, is scheduled to discuss the pandemic law on Thursday. However, it is unclear whether the government will support the amendment. Some ODS and STAN senators will probably vote against the amendment.