Weather Turns Wild: Meteorologists Can’t Predict Christmas

As of Tuesday, the calm and predictable weather will conclude, giving way to significantly more dynamic and unpredictable conditions. Meteorologists from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) announced this on Monday evening, stating that the question of what the weather will be like for Christmas is still “definitely unanswered.” The outlook for mid-January generally predicts a warmer period.

The end of stable weather is imminent and will be replaced by markedly more dynamic and less predictable weather. As hinted over the weekend, Central Europe will come under the influence of a significant thermal interface from Wednesday. This will separate the colder air in northeastern Europe from the warmer southwest. However, this interface will not be constant – it will be ‘rippled’ as individual frontal systems with pressure lows pass through the Central European space from the northwest, CHMI wrote on social media.

According to meteorologists, the weather will be like a “swing.” “The moist northwesterly flow will bring a large amount of precipitation, and we also expect strong wind; even a storm could appear,” they said.

Meteorologists pointed out that the variability of the weather goes hand in hand with significant spatial and temporal uncertainty. “The answer to what this year’s Christmas will be like, we will not answer today. However, the period before them will certainly be exciting from a meteorological point of view,” they wrote.

In their outlook for the next four weeks, CHMI stated that the period until mid-January will be “temperature above normal or normal and precipitation normal to slightly above normal” as a whole. The first half of January should cool down. “Nights will already be frosty for most of the period; during the day, we will mostly move around 0 °C in maximums, on average just slightly above the freezing point,” meteorologists expect.