Weekend Forecast: Cloudy Skies Won’t Dampen the Sunny Spirit

Despite a passing cold front from Friday to Saturday, the weather promises above-average temperatures and a temporary pause in the transition to cooler conditions. Though clouds may gather for a while, sunny days are set to return by Sunday, bringing back the warmth of summer. The turning point is anticipated in the middle of the coming workweek, as shared by meteorologist Dagmar Honsová with Novinky.

As Thursday unfolds, morning mists and low cloud cover will dissipate, making way for clear to partly cloudy skies. Temperatures are expected to climb to highs ranging from 23 to 27°C. Only in the western parts of the country might there be increased cloudiness later in the afternoon. Nevertheless, numerous temperature records are expected to be broken.

“On Friday, the day will start partly cloudy or clear, with occasional morning mists or low cloud cover. Cloudiness will gradually increase from the west in the afternoon, and rain showers or drizzles are expected in the evening,” said Honsová.

Morning temperatures will drop to 14 to 10°C, while daytime temperatures will reach 22 to 27°C.

Due to the passage of a cold front, Saturday will see mostly cloudy to overcast skies with occasional rain showers or drizzles. Morning temperatures will range between 14 and 10°C. Cloud cover is expected to decrease to partly cloudy throughout the day, and temperatures will rise to 18 to 23°C.

By Sunday, partly cloudy to clear skies are anticipated again, with isolated morning mists or low cloud cover. Morning lows will be between 11 and 7°C, and daytime temperatures should reach 22 to 26°C.

Similar conditions are expected for Monday, featuring partly cloudy to mainly clear skies with isolated morning mists. Morning temperatures will range from 10 to 6°C. In the afternoon, highs will climb to 18 to 23°C.

The warmest day of the coming week is predicted to be Tuesday, characterized by partly cloudy to clear skies.

There might be transient cloud cover in the northern regions, and sporadic showers could occur. Morning temperatures will dip to 14 to 10°C, while daytime highs are expected to reach 23 to 27°C.

On Wednesday, a cooling trend is expected. Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with occasional rain showers or drizzles are likely. Morning temperatures will range from 12 to 8°C, with daytime highs of 16 to 20°C.

Stay tuned for further updates on the ever-changing weather pattern as we head into the following week. Despite temporary interruptions, the sunny spirit of summer remains resilient, promising pleasant days ahead.